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We reside in all regions of the metropolitan area — St. Louis city, St. A Safe Place Some members are completely out to their family, friends and even coworkers while others are not. The organization and its individual members pledge to respect the privacy of each member and protect the degree of anonymity desired by each member.

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Active, Interesting People Many Prime Timers are involved in their local community through volunteerism, politics, gay activism, arts, entertainment and other aspects of healthy living. Some are always on the go while some prefer the quiet company of others at home.

Tue, May 21 8: Mon, Jun 3 8: Wed, Jun 5 8: Wed, Apr 10 8: Tue, Apr 9 8: Thu, Mar 28 8: Tue, Mar 26 8: Thu, Mar 14 8: Tue, Mar 12 8: Thu, Feb 28 8: Tue, Feb 19 8: Wed, Feb 13 8: Thu, Feb 7 8: Wed, Jan 16 8: Thu, Jan 3 8: Wed, Dec 12 8: Everyone needs love in their life. It's a basic need. It's third in Maslow's hierarchy of needs: Trying to convince yourself that you're fine without love is futile.

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For some, the journey to find love is easier than for others. If you've struggled up to this point to find the right partner, it's OK. There is hope moving forward. There is help. Looking for love in the gay community presents its own set of challenges.


Maybe you're not finding the high caliber single men or women you desire. Maybe you haven't had success with the gay mixers and events, gay online dating sites, gay singles and dating services, gay bars, or any of the services that claim to cater to the gay community.

Or maybe you don't even want to try those options. Maybe you've already met all the potential partners you can through social circles and family. It honestly doesn't matter what you've tried already, the most important thing is that there's help in your future.

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Whether you're looking for a man or a woman, we have access to other elite singles that are also looking for real love and a committed relationship. Our premier matchmaker team specializes in screening and vetting all of your potential matches before you meet them.

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Caliber Matchbook, powered by the highly-reputable Caliber Match, is a national gay matchmaking firm. We have scouts, a gay singles network, and matchmaking teams throughout the entire United States. No matter where you live, we have the ability to help!

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If we don't already have amazing matches for you, we will go out and search for them! That sets us apart from every other gay matchmaker out there. We make high caliber matches, not just matches!

Look, it's probably not that you can't find a DATE. It's that you haven't found your caliber match yet.